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03.08.13, 10:06 AM

Another Irony


I find it ironic that my name should now be linked with discussions of sexism in philosophy. I have always been strongly opposed to sexism in philosophy (and everywhere else). I have long advocated aggressive recruitment policies with respect to women, at both the graduate level and when hiring faculty. I have been vocal in my criticism of male graduate students who do not treat women students with proper respect. I have made a point over the years of supporting and mentoring women students. I have been married to two highly intelligent (indeed brilliant and distinguished) professional women philosophers. I treated the student I was mentoring at UM with complete respect, as an equal, and with continuous encouragement and support. In fact, I privately suspect that women are inherently better at philosophy than men—being more patient and imaginative, but less ego-driven. Ironic, then, to find myself somehow linked to sexism, even if only by implication.

As to the New York Times article, the devil is in the details. Read between the lines. Don’t be taken in by spin and exaggeration. Look closely at the language.


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