26.06.12, 08:07 PM

What can I say that is provocative enought to kickstart this blog? I know: Wimbledon! It is is going to be fascinating, no doubt about that. I think Sharapova will win the women's. On the men's side, I think Federer will either go out early or win. I'm predicting Djokovic vs. Murray in the final (neck way out there). Djokovic wins. But more important than any of that I think we will see some of the best tennis games ever played. There's something in the air there this year. As for myself, I have the new Babolat Aeropro, as used by Nadeal, so there'll be no stopping me. Provocative enough? 

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No UserpicSarah
26.02.13, 09:04 PM
why do you want to be provocative? why do you worry? I worry all the time. about myself. to be safe. but this is normal. philosophy is fascinating, it is provocative enough to intellectual debate. you are not sure about this, are you? I think being provocative leads to things that are too stretched to be provocative whereas they were not in the first place, and does this any good to philosophy ?
Philosophy is provocative, to begin with. We, people, do not think like a philosopher does. The process is not the same.
I mean, people who did not study to be a philosopher. But we do need to understand how a philosopher thinks and why. Thats the hard part. A philosopher who is able to explain things to people who did not study philosophy.
I read your blog because I am interested in what you are interested. So, what are you interested in?

No Userpicentresijo
02.07.12, 09:39 AM
That hurts. Epic fail.

No UserpicFrF
30.06.12, 07:27 PM
@entresijo: Ouch!

But the level of reliability with which the Big Three have played in the last couple of years is astounding...Hence the extensive coverage the Nadal - Rosol match has received. Journalist Steve Tignor thinks it's the most remarkable Wimbledon upset since Boris Becker's early-round loss in 1987!

@ the above link: Recently, I've been following Peter Bodo's writings quite religiously. I also bought the ebook edition -- to find some connection to Mr. McGinn's latest endeavours -- of Bodo's "Courts of Babylon". (It's nicely written although there's certainly a bit of a "conservative" slant to it. The aforementioned Steve Tignor's "High Strung" about the McEnroe-Borg rivalry looks promising, too.)

No Userpicentresijo
27.06.12, 09:00 AM
I think Twitter is what you need to promote this blog and your ideas. I heard of you thanks to "Atheism Tapes". Great work.

Oh, by the way, I think Nadal will win Wimbledon. Back on top.